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We are located in Rhode Island, the Ocean State, where some of the nicest diving in the northeast is available. We have wrecks, underwater life, and beautiful underwater rock formations just waiting to be explored! Scuba Diving is one of the best family sports imaginable. Where else can a parent or grandparent enjoy both nature and bond with family at the same time? Diving is a sport that transcends age and even some disabilities. Almost anyone from fifteen (15) on up can enjoy and share the sites and experiences that come from sharing the water world together.

NAUI Basic Scuba Class

NAUI Basic Scuba Class to begin at Providence College in November.  SIGN UP HERE to start your trip to NAUI International Scuba Certification.

Also 2013 NAUI Scuba Classes to begin at Effin's Last Resort in April 2013.
For more information and details contact dive instructor Ken Skitt at scuba4000@cox.net.

Learn How to Dive Today!

The sport is quite safe with proper training and an understanding of the basic principles of air and water that apply. Once completing a basic and quite probably an advanced course or two (to familiarize with ongoing experiences) almost anyone can enjoy the sport. Once certified you'll never look at water the same way again. While others lay on the beach you and your family will be able to experience the real beauty that lies beneath the surface.

REMEMBERó"Only those who experience truly live."

Scuba 4000 has been teaching Scuba Diving since 1968. During this time we have certified thousands of divers. We are located in Rhode Island and teach students from Rhode Island, nearby Connecticut, and Massachusetts. We teach entry level diving classes, advanced, master, and some specialty courses. All of our successfully completed programs culminate with NAUI International Certifications.